by / August 26th, 2008 /

Indiecater Volume 2 released

Irish music blogger MP3hugger has been a busy man. Having recently put the finishing touches to Indiecater Volume One, he wastes no time with Volume Two. It’s available as a digital download from at the price of €4.50. The tracklisting looks like this:

  1. Montag – Going Places (Montreal)
  2. Ned Collette – The Country With A Smile (Melbourne)
  3. The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock – In Country Dark (Dublin)
  4. Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – What’s To Be Done With El Salvador (Dublin)
  5. AM Syndicate – To The Peasants Of The Emperor (Austin)
  6. Eagle Seagull – I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face (Nebraska)
  7. The Van Allen Belt – The Status Quo (A Line Dance) (Pittsburgh)
  8. The Very Most – Good Fight Fighting (Boise)
  9. Venice Is Sinking – Pulaski Heights (Athens, Georgia)
  10. The Ruby Suns – There Are Birds (Auckland)

Buy from the site.