by / February 22nd, 2008 /

Irish buyer for $3million music collection

Steve Mellon/Post-Gazette - Paul Mawhinney examines a Rolling Stones album worth $10,000.

An Irish buyer has spent $3million on the world’s largest music collection in an eBay auction.

The seller 69 year-old Paul Mawhinney says that the catalogue contains 3 million records and 300,000 CDs is the “undisputed largest collection of recorded music in the world” and that it spans “the complete history of the music that helped shape and define five generations.. From Thomas Edison to American Idol’.

The collection is currently stored in a 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Pittsburgh, and it’s claimed to be worth $50million.

An Irish user by the nickname of jopsoup has made the winning bid at the cost of US $3,002,150.00.

Paul from Modern Cadence is wondering who the Irish user is.

Update: This email address suggests the user has a thumped account, is 23 involved in Back to Bass Kicks promotions and sold Radiohead tickets one time. Uh oh…