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Jape reveals Ritual tracklisting/ release date

Richie Egan aka Jape has revealed his forthcoming album will be titled Ritual and will be released on the 12th of May with a tracklisting as follows:

1. Christopher and Anthony
2. I Was a Man
3. Replays
4. Graveyard
5. Phil Lynott
6. Streetwise
7. At the Heart of All This Strangeness
8. Apple in an Orchard
9. Strike me Down
10. Nothing Lasts Forever

The first single from Ritual will be “I Was a Man” will preceed the album.

  • drkdrk

    Brilliant. I’ve been waiting to here about this for ages. Go Jape!

  • Great stuff. Was hoping for this a bit sooner but it’s nice to have an official release. Have heard six of those ten, and based on that it’s shaping up nicely

  • Awesome news. Not sure we’ve heard Replays, Graveyard or Nothing Lasts Forever before (or at least the titles don’t seem familiar, correct me if I’m wrong!), but just from the tracklisting, it looks awesome.

    Glad everything worked out with the new label and it’s getting released in good time and everything, it’s been quite a wait since the first one, which now sounds a little dated really.

  • On further research, we’ve actually had all these songs live before,

    Interesting to note from that gig, that only Floating has survived from the first record. Also no place on Ritual for Gimmie Some More…

  • That’s a pity. Gimme some More is a great tune

  • Clockwork Rob

    I’m just happy to see ‘Phil Lynott’ in there. What a tune..

  • leaveitout

    I Was A Man is also a cool track. Have to get this when it comes out.

  • floating

    “Gimmie some more” will be on his “i was a man” single so 🙂

  • floating

    “Gimmie some more” will be on his “i was a man” single