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Jean Michel Jarre to play first ever Irish shows

Jean Michel Jarre is to play first ever Irish shows in the National Concert Hall Dublin on the 18th and 19th of March.

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the seminal album, Oxygene, Raglane Entertainment present French electronic pioneer who will be performing the entire Oxygene masterpiece, with the help of three musicians, using the original mythical instruments: more than fifty legendary analogue synthesizers. Tickets go on sale from the NCH box office (Tel: 01 4170000 / only from 10am this coming Friday, January 25th priced at a hefty €85 & €80.

  • HOLY FUCK!!! I love Mr. Jarre but E80 is steep.

  • Karl

    What has Jarre ever done outside of reissuing Oxygene over and over again? Oxygene may be seminal as you say but he’s made a career out of that one track, vastly overrated imo

  • apart from Oxygene eh?…hmmm

    Magnetic Fields
    China Concerts

    just to name a few of his other albums

    plus having played some of the biggest concerts of all time

  • Karl

    Sorry, I’ll rephrase: I meant anything of note. The guy’s a farce.

  • Patrick Gleeson

    Each to their own opinion, but let’s get a few facts straight.
    This man is more than just his first album ‘Oxygene’. The follow up ‘Equinoxe’ is hailed by most as superior, a high point in electronic music. His concerts in China were the first ever contemporary concertperformances there, only 5 years after Mao’s death. The album ‘Zoolook’ was a masterpiece of sampling and digital effects before the term became much overused.
    Son et Lumiere spectacular concert attendences are in the millions: Houston 1.5 million, Paris 2 milion and Moscow 3.5 million.
    I’d agree that his recent concerts were pale playback imitations, but don’t let that put you off. I was priveleged to be at the Theatre Marigny in Paris last December to hear and see the whole ‘Oxygene’ album being performed totally live with the original instruments. Anyone going to the NCH this month is in for a superb experience.