by / August 28th, 2015 /

Justin Bieber’s new Skrillex-produced single ‘What Do You Mean?’ is not what you’d expect

Getting on board with a Bieber single is … difficult. Separating art from artist can be beyond our human capabilities when it comes to certain, uhm, “artists”. But when Bieber teamed up with Skrillex/Diplo dream-team Jack U a few months back for the kinda-awesome ‘Where Are You Now?’, chances were that the Biebz was about to take his sound in a new, potentially good direction.

To that end, we have the first single from his as-yet-untitled forthcoming album, which is rumoured to feature Diplo, Drake and even more Skrillex. So what you reckon? Can you keep the gag reflex in check long enough to potentially enjoy ‘What Do You Mean?’