by / April 14th, 2011 /

Kid Karate, Kill Krinkle Club and Funeral Suits debut new videos

The video for Kid Karate’s song ‘You Need Violence’ stars Robert Harmon as a man on a very specific and violent mission. Directed by Alan McAuley, the video is a final year project for University of Limerick.

Funeral Suits’ new single sees them go off in a more ambient-infused direction and they all the better for it. ‘Colour Fade’ is released as a single on May 9th for download and on 7″ through Friends Versus Records


Kill Krinkle Club’s video for ‘Handwritten Novel’ takes them all the way to Venice after previous videos in New York, Belfast and Stockholm. Are they loaded or wha? It was directed by Greg Corcoran.

  • Far from loaded there Niall! Everyone has directed the videos for free. Ryanair to Stockholm/ Venice is next to nothing at the right time. New York was at CMJ which we had a grant for.

  • It was a poor joke which didn’t translate Justin. Soz.

  • No sweat Nialler…with our next video in LA with 5 stretch limos, a bevvie of strippers, medallions swingin in a rooftop pool….then you’ll know for sure, yes, we’re proper loaded 😉

  • It’s the Windowlicker video? 😛