by / April 18th, 2011 /

Lady Gaga’s new album artwork is horrendous

Apart from dropping her new single ‘Judas’ early (below), Gaga also released the very questionable artwork for her new album Born This Way which is out here on May 20th. Many doubted it was real, due to it’s high ridiculousness but it seems it is legit:

Where to start?

Yes, that’s Gaga’s head superimposed on a motorbike and is vaguely reminscent of The Wheelers in Return To Oz as Jen Gannon pointed out. And just what it is with major labels not hiring designers who know how to use typography properly? See also: The Album Covers of Britney Spears: A History. The whole thing is a total mess…

  • gareth sharkey

    poor gaga ,she really is one hell of an idiot!

  • technogoblin

    I’m all for a bit of objective journalism, but I must say the directness of this headline is not only appreciated, but clearly necessitated. what fodder!

  • Wow, awful! Especially given the woman is far more about image than content…

  • Ciarán

    When this artwork was posted on Facebook, one of the 2,000+ comments said “I don’t like it. Change it to something else.” I liked that.

  • As much as I adore Lady Gaga, I don’t really like this album art work! It’s strange, I know it’s Lady Gaga, but still, it’s not the strange I love her for displaying!