by / November 1st, 2012 /

Lana Del Rey Is Coming To Town

One of the most divisive stars in modern day pop music, Lana Del Rey, has just announced that she is to play Dublin next year. The self styled “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” has straddled the canyon between out-and-out pop and authentic Indiedom since her breakthrough single ‘Video Games’ started making big noise over here and appearances on Jools Holland as well as your local bus shelter have proven to be the kernel of inquiry regarding the best way to take her music.

Obviously the music speaks for itself and in many respects that should be where the argument stops. But for some, in the battleground for authenticity that is the music world, her sudden appearance has been far too spurious and immediate to afford her the same level of respect awarded to those hardened souls who put the pipe-work in in terms of learning their craft.

No matter how you take her music, harmless, prefabricated musical nuggets or a testament to the sinister world of the corporeal manipulation that exists within music, Del Rey has certainly generated enough hype and discourse to at least pique the interest of those curious to see what all the fuss is about. Now is your chance to find out first hand, catch Lana Del Rey in Vicar Street, Dublin, next May 26th. Tickets are priced at €44.05 and available here from next Monday.