by / October 29th, 2009 /

Last ever DEAF festival?

That certainly seems to be the case, if this statement from the festival organisers is to be believed:

With just three days and nights to go until it’s over, we’re nearing the end of this years DEAF. It’s been an amazing festival, possibly our best to date and certainly our most well attended since we started the festival eight years ago. So just before we wrap up this year we’d like to let you all know that this is going to be our very last DEAF! All things considered we’ve decided to finish up on a high note and move on to the other projects that we’re anxious to get off the ground. So it’s certainly not the last you’ve heard of us!!

As so many people have invested so much time and effort to help us over the years, and so many of you have supported us by coming along to the events, we’ll be putting out a more detailed statement in a couple of weeks as to why we’ve decided to stop DEAF.

We just wanted to let you all know now before we finish up this year, as the gigs over this weekend will be the last ever DEAF events. So we hope we can convince as many of you as possible to come out and help us give the festival a great send off.