by / March 23rd, 2011 /

Limerick’s Baker Place has closed

According to the Limerick Leader, Limerick city venue Baker Place closed on Sunday night. The building which also includes Wicked Chicken bar was a vital part of the local music ecology and as a result, it would often be the place for bands from elsewhere play while in Limerick.

Shane Hartigan, Ger Quinn and Jason Quinn told the Leader about their decision:

The trio said that the decision was a “regrettable one”, but that “business had gone so bad that we could no longer continue trading. It is a tough decision, but we have no other option”. Speaking to the Limerick Chronicle, Shane said the decision was a sad one, but was “a sign of the times”, adding: “It is an economic decision. We were still getting the numbers in the door, but the spend was way down, people didn’t have it to spend, and you have massive overheads when you are leasing a premises of that size. It just wasn’t viable any more and that is obviously the way it is,” he explained. “When we took it over it had been closed so there was no business there, we started from scratch and it was a lot of hard work. It is disappointing to have to close the doors, but you can’t do it when you are not making any money,” he added.

  • This is a real shame.
    They’ve done a great job there and it’s been vital to the Limerick music scene – as well as the Wicked Chicken being a great spot for a pint. As the lads say in the statement, there’s always a big crowd there so it’s alarming to hear that it’s cold hard economics rather than loss of a demographic.
    Big loss.

  • This is shit news.

    Loved playing with the band in Bakers. Had loads of great nights there.
    The Management and Staff were easy to get on with too.

    Will be missed big time.

    Thanks for the good times lads.
    Sanzkrit. x