by / April 27th, 2011 /

Lisa Hannigan lends song to Battens Disease campaign

Battens Disease is an extremely rare genetic neurological disorder that affects children. It’s a harrowing and fatal disease which causes children affected to lose sight, the ability to swallow, and other senses. It can also cause seizures and in all cases thus far, has lead to death. There is no cure.

Two year old Liam Heffernan is the remaining sufferer of the disease in Ireland after his five year old sister Saoirse died from the disorder in January. Liam and the Heffernan family have flown to New York to take part in a medical treatment trial.

As part of raising awareness of the disease, Lisa Hannigan offered her song ‘Lille’ to the Bee For Battens campaign which features the animated Youtube video by Mick Minogue below.

You can learn more and donate to at Bee For Battens or follow Liam’s journey on Twitter and Facebook.