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Update: Rage Against The Machine play live on BBC Radio, swear a lot – watch it

Rage Against The Machine made a memorable live appearance this morning on BBC 5Live’s breakfast programme. After explaining their reason for supporting the campaign to get them to the Christmas number one in eloquent tones, they played a blistering live version of ‘Killing In The Name Of’. All was going well up to the final few moments, when the inevitable happened and the BBC went into meltdown. Shelagh Fogarty’s response? “We asked them not to do that but they did it anyway, so go and buy Joe’s record. It’s three minutes past nine”. Good work all round we say.

Here’s a new video which features the actual performance:

  • Les

    Great! It’s not only kids buying this, I’m 53 and this is a worthy track to wipe that grin off THAT gits face. Top stuff. Love and peace from London.

  • Bill

    This is faaaaaakkkke!

  • Am I alone in thinking the whole Rage Against The Machine thing is pointless? My reasons:

    1. Most people who are genuinely really into music stopped buying singles years ago, so why do they actually care about the singles charts? 13 year olds buy singles. 13 year olds like X Factor style rubbish. Therefore the singles charts make complete sense, you just have to acknowledge what they really are before you start.

    2. Rage Against The Machine = Sony. X Factor = Sony. You’re paying the same people.

    3. Anyone who actually wants this single would have bought it years ago, surely? It was released in 1992…

    4. Simon Cowell doesn’t care, more publicity for him, why would he? It doesn’t mean any less sales for cheesy rubbish, either.

  • Bill – 100% genuine, I was listening myself live.

    James – I do know what you mean but I’m starting to get into it, especially now that Rage themselves have become actively involved. Plus they’re donating proceeds to Shelter and Tom Morello is a fine spokesman for anything.

  • Can’t argue with you on Shelter, Phil, at least they’re doing something positive. On the whole, though, I think they’re helping to make something that’s largely been forgotten into something important again. I’d rather we all just forgot about the singles charts, personally.

  • Either way Cowell’s going to make some money. I want Rage to be Xmas number 1 ‘The Climb’ is such a weak song and it looks like RATM are bookies favorite to win check it out here plus there’s a list of sites selling ‘Killing In The Name Of’ and their prices, I think Amazon is the cheapest though.

  • Billy

    Cowell and Rage are loving this. It’s more press and exposure for them both.

    I think James Hendicott above it spot on – who cares? I love music, I hate the X-Factor and I hate the charts and I hate talent TV shows so I choose to listen to good music, ignore X-Factor winners and pay no attention to the charts what so ever.

    The charts have always been shite, ALWAYS BEEN SHITE – if you want quality music you need to look for it.

  • Not a fan of the charts either but I used to like Rage a lot when I was younger and the Shelter charity seems like a positive thing to come out of this.

    Seems strange that no one at the BBC expected RATM to refuse to be censored. Someone should have done their homework on these guys.

  • Oh come on James,

    I can see you’re anti the whole idea but get into the Christmas spirit of it-
    people raged against the muzak machine and got a great band to number 1.

    Passion and verve triumphs over corporate and mundane- and raised alot of money for shelter, that’s gotta be good hasn’t it?

    And, as a bonus, for the first time in ages i know what number one is. Who says miracles don’t happen at Christmas anymore, eh?!.

    Happy Christmas.