by / July 6th, 2015 /

Listen: Sarah Harding (yes, of Girls Aloud) – ‘Threads’

Deny it all you want, Girls Aloud were all kinds of great. They provided the kind of fantastic pop music which seems to be lacking from the musical landscape at the moment, and it was a sad day when they decided to call it quits. Since then, Cheryl and Nicola and Nadine and the other one have all had a go at solo careers, with varying degrees of success. And now, finally, it is Sarah Harding’s turn with her debut single ‘Threads’ from her as yet untitled debut album.

Is the song any good? Well… let’s just say we sincerely hope that the Girls see sense and reform sooner rather than later. If, however, you do find “Threads” to be your jam, you’ll be happy to know that it’ll be available to buy from August 7th.