by / September 15th, 2016 /

Listen: SKYMAS – ‘No Easy Way Out’

Belfast’s SKYMAS are an intriguing proposition. On the live stage, they’re the sonic equivalent to Marmite – you’ll either dig the raucous, pummelling energy being launched forth, or you’ll quiver with confusion as to why this man you’ve never met – nor wished any ill will upon – is mercilessly shouting at you in front of your friends.

State has been at the barrel end of both scenarios, though the common denominator is always transparent –  the energy with which SKYMAS take to making their off-kilter electronica trumps any initial shock to the system. Now a few years into sculpting a particularly idiosyncratic blend of techno, electro, and punk, SKYMAS’ latest offering ‘No Easy Way Out’ showcases an evolved production skill-set with an anarchic attitude that, on the whole, feels of its time. Turbulent, angular, and very much the kick in the arse you’ll appreciate, SKYMAS are swiftly growing mightier in style and substance.