by / February 21st, 2018 /

Listen: Stoat – Try Not to Think About It

Released just over a week ago, Try Not to Think About It by Dublin indie-rock trio Stoat is testament to the old adage of good things come to those who wait. Arguably the strongest piece of recorded music the band have committed to stereo, this latest effort is filled to the brim with witty, deft lyricism and earworm melodies – not entirely surprising considering Stoat have had twenty odd years of practice.

A firm live favourite, Stoat have encapsulated much of the energy and unpredictability of their stagecraft within Try Not to Think About It, offering the listener a variable selection of tracks that move from the despondent and tongue-in-cheek to the overzealous and frantic; all communicated finely through a keen sense of arrangement and atmosphere.

Highlights include ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Doesn’t Really Make You Stronger’, ‘King of the Moon’, and ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ – but dig in below to the LP in its entirety, and do head on over here and buy it. Treat yourself.