by / April 19th, 2012 /

Listen to Hidden Highways eponymous debut EP on Out On A Limb

Hidden Highways is a collaboration between Irish folk singer-songwriters Carol Anne McGowan and Tim V. Smyth. They are releasing their debut EP simply called Hidden Highways April 20th on Out On A Limb Records.

It features two covers, Jackson C. Franck’s ‘Blues Run The Game’ and ‘Come Wander With Me’ from the TV series The Twilight Zone. There are also two brand new tracks, ‘In Defense of Magpies’ and ‘Burnt Ships’. It is raw and stripped-down folk music with nice male-female vocal harmonies. You can listen to Hidden Highways’ debut EP streaming on Soundcloud below and on Bandcamp. To pre-order the CD, go to Out On A Limb Records website.