by / December 1st, 2009 /

Listen to Hot Chip’s new single – ‘One Life Stand’

Hot Chip’s new single ‘One Life Stand’ is released on February 1st 2010 and on the 5th the album of the same name is released. You can listen to it on Myspace now.

Upon first listen:
Sounds like classic danceable bleepy Hot Chip.
The weird synth horn threw us off for a second but we like even if it sounds very close to something Duran Duran might have done. On a beach.
Reverb-friendly ’80s drums.
Great success!

FYI: Fimber Bravo (Steel n’ Skin) and Charles Hayward (This Heat) play steel pans and drums on this track respectively.

Expect an “beautifully epic full-length album mix of -One Life Stand’ in a limited run (100 pressed) of numbered, one-sided 12’s” soon.