by / January 19th, 2010 /

Listen to new Smashing Pumpkins song

Smashing Pumpkins have posted another new track from their forthcoming Teargarden By Kaleidyscope album on their website. ‘Widow Wake My Mind’ follows last month’s ‘A Song For A Son’. Hear both of them below….

  • anspideog

    it’s a bit, meh!
    for me the pumpkins will always be frozen in time with me as a 14 year old. not sure what them re-forming the band is actually achieving given that d’arcy and james iha aren’t in it… i have a feeling they can’t grow old gracefully, say the way Ash are doing (who’s series of fortnightly releases show you can continue to craft exquisite pop songs for more than 15 years – if you’ve had the pop fairy sprinkle her magic dust on you as tim wheller must have had).

    anyways, i think, only okay.

  • Patrick Conboy

    ‘Widow Wake My Mind’ is bloody irritating. ‘Song for a Son’ is okay, but nothing special. Not expecting much from them on the new album.

  • Hil

    Widow Wake My Mind is PANTS! Wow.

    I fell asleep after about 12 seconds of other tune.

    How the mighty have fallen.

  • Euphioman

    This is so depressing.

  • Dave

    Yep he should be a bit more graceful and hang up the smashing pumpkins moniker. His public would accept the songs on a different plain, good or average! besides, he’s the only one left. I really think the production on these songs is robotic and forced too, it’s surprising for me as I always considered sp to have an organic feel. Anyone else bemused by the overt nod to zeppelin on both tracks.