by / February 27th, 2012 /

Listen to the new Madonna song ‘Girl Gone Wild’

So you haven’t had much time to learn the lyrics to ‘Give Me All Your Lovin’’ well tough titty darling because that’s OVER. It’s so yesterday in Madgeworld. It may as well have not existed at all because she’s just slipped another one in under the door and it’s about as exciting as a kitten’s fart.

Oh Madge, with the title ‘Girl Gone Wild’ we expected so much, we expected ‘Erotica’ crammed full of steroids and shiny strap-ons not fey cutesy lyrics about getting fired up ‘like a smoking gun’ drifting over forgettable, airless daytime Ibiza beats. It’s as faceless as a million Kelly Rowland songs with about as much personality as her too, by the end of it even Queen M herself sounds a little unsure.

Let’s just hope come Aviva time it’ll be enlivened by some grinding dancers and some shot gun noises or we might all be giving the middle finger salute.