by / July 7th, 2011 /

Listen to two new Mumford and Sons songs

Mumford and Sons have unveiled a new song preliminary titled ‘Home’ or ‘Lover I’ll Be Home’ by fans on the Colorado radio station KBCO. The song is a soulful mix of violin, banjo and piano, layered with delectable vocal harmonies. The lyrics depict returning home to loved ones after being on the road; ‘I’ll be home in a little while, lover, I’ll be home.’

The track has been played widely during the bands latest gigs with various videos of the song appearing online, you can watch a video of it here.

A second song ‘Lovers Eyes’ has been rolled out by the band in gigs over the past few months and you can watch a video of the band performing the track at Iheartradio below. Rumours are rife that the second album will be completed by early 2012 and hopefully these two fledging tracks shall make the final cut.