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Love Music Hate Racism launch Music for The Open Minded

Love Music Hate Racism launch ‘Music for The Open Minded’ with Elbow Room, bOUNCE and Homespun DJs.

A Night of Afrobeat, Latin, Dancehall, Jazz, Soul and Funk featuring Brother Luke, KwaME + Chuck

Friday 17th April 2009
Le Cirk, Dame Street Dublin
Doors 9.30pm

FREE Entry

” Love Music Hate Racism is an organisation run by a group of people looking to celebrate cool diverse styles of music through gigs and club nights while at the same time promoting racial harmony. We are about using the positive energy of music to combat the scourge of racism and hate crime in Ireland, both North and South. We live in a New Ireland where there is a growing multicultural society. The ethnic profile of many communities and workplaces is changing and diversifying. In 2006 approximately 10% of Irelands population of 4.2 million was made up of immigrants from all over the world; Eastern Europe. Africa, Latin America and with them they bring more culture, more music, more food and more languages. We can only benefit from this in the same way that other countries benefited from migrants from this country in years gone by. Discrimination, racism, the intolerance of others is borne out of ignorance. Be it in the workplace, the school, or at home, and the key to a successful, fair and open society is a willingness to learn and communicate with others. Love Music Hate Racism is opposed to attacks on immigrants, migrant workers or asylum seekers in whatever forms those attacks come. We believe there is room for everybody here and we also believe that music is a form of communication, and just like the human race it is diverse and interesting, and it can be used to break down barriers.
There are many Love Music hate Racism voluntary groups set up all over the country, with people organising gigs and events all the time. We are not tied to any one particular genre, and so to kick things off in Dublin we have drafted in three of the most clued up, red hot DJs from around the country, with a mixed bag of music in tow.”