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Love Music Hate Racism oppose BNP visit

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been invited to speak at Trinity college next month, leading a party delegation to take part in a debate in immigration. In response, Love Music Hate Racism are staging a fundraiser this Saturday (24th) to help protest against the decision, commenting on the visit:

“Nick Griffin is the current leader of The British National Party. A party that is built on fascism. Over the last number of years LMHR in the UK along with other organisations have fought hard against the rise of the BNP and other organisations that clearly state non-whites are not welcome, that homosexuality is wrong, that there was no holocaust and that Muslims are, in a word, evil.

There is the argument of Free Speech. Free Speech is a right and we have a right to voice our disappointment at The Philosophical Society’s invitation, and campaign for them to withdraw their invitation.And that is exactly what we intend to do, hopefully with your help. A party like this breeds hate and anger.It breeds hate towards all of the above mentioned (and more) and also angers people like you and I who believe in a society based on equality.

Barred from attending the Queen’s garden party and causing violent protests outside the BBC studios where he was attending question time, Griffin and his ”delegates” cause anger wherever they go. We believe no good can come of the BNP’s visit and that there are many other candidates in Ireland suitable to debate about immigration in Ireland than the leader of a fascist political party based in the UK.

This is not just about turning away the British National Party and it’s beliefs. It’s about sending a clear message to groups and organisations of the far right in this country, that we the people do not agree or support these views and that we are many and they are few. All across Europe we have seen the rise of extreme far right groups and it is up to us to make sure that the same does not happen here”.

Tomorrow’s gig takes place at Sweeney’s on Dame Street in Dublin and features Teekay Da Newborn & Ashman, Morgan La Faye, Control Freak, The Mistaken Dreams, Bedford, Mieow That’s What I Call Music, Rise of the Hippies, Guilty Boy Association and Worries Outernational. Entry is by donation.

  • Democratic

    I find these remarks completely unacceptable. If the BNP is the ‘fascists’ you describe them to be then why try and stop the lecture from going ahead? We all have our own political beliefs as you have yours, which seem to be remarkedly Marxist to me, but that’s my belief. I should hope that the students of Trinity College are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions about the British National Party and their beliefs on immigration. That’s what freedom and democracy are all about and why there is an Arab Spring – they just want to enjoy the freedoms that we have. I would suggest that you do a survey of the students when the lecture is over and see what they have to say. It’s the best way forward and very democratic.

  • Hil

    I disagree too, for the very reason that the best way to damage the BNP is to have them here and to destroy their ideology through the ancient art of debate. What good will turning them away do? Surely they are widely reviled outside the UK so what is the point of protesting Trinity’s invite? Let him come, let him spout his shite and then crush his arguments in front of a full theatre. Such a protest merely works to show that the BNP are actually being taken seriously. Mockery is far more useful, and if he’s not here the BNP can’t be mocked.

  • I can’t make my mind up on whether I object to them coming or uphold their freedom of speech – depends where you draw the line, I guess. Just wanted to add, though, that they’re extremely widely abhored in the UK, too. Invariably mocked widely. I’m sure you’re more than aware of that, Hil, but the above does read a little like it’s only outside the UK that they’re reviled…

  • SerpentSlayer

    Fascism is often seen as little more than a political bully but may I add an observation?

    There are many groups that ask for the censorship of political parties and people with political beliefs, they are invariably belong to a strain of Marxism, Anarchism or Liberalism. I have never seen a post war Fascist party ever call for the censorship of their opponents, but I have seen many ‘left-wing’ ones opposed to ‘fascism’ do just that.

    Maybe our new epithet for ‘political bully’ should be ‘Marxist’ or ‘Communist’ instead?

  • Tonydj

    Errrrr.aren’t Sinn Fein a nationalist party who believe in “Ireland for the Irish”? (“Ourselves alone”). Ever held a demo against them?

    And who looks after the money raised?

  • Kurt

    Sinn Fein are not a racist party that seek an all white Ireland.Also , there are not anti-jew , anti-gay or anti- muslim. A very different type of Nationalism.

    Funds raised will be looked after by someone from one of the groups like LMHR , Arn or Srtrc who are involved in the campaign.

  • kurt

    James- Freedom of speech is a right , indeed. So , we have the right to voice our concerns at the invitation to a known racist and fascist party to be given a platform to voice their anti gay , anti muslim , anti semitic ideas.

  • I don’t deny your right to protest at all, Kurt, and as you well know I’m very much behind LMHR in general. I just see him being made to look an idiot in a debate as being potentally as constructive as an attempt to prevent it. I guess it’s a bit assumption to assume that wll happen, but I certainly hope it would. Not advocating their views at all, the issue is how they’re best dealt with 🙂

  • SerpentSlayer

    No, instead they just have plenty of members who were formerly involved in killing people. Compared to some BNP members using racist epithets they seem like saints.

  • Roger

    If you really want a laugh then read the BNP’s manifesto.

    E.G. on transport:

    “The BNP will reduce traffic congestion by bringing the immigration invasion
    under control.”

    On crime:

    “The BNP will establish a penal station for hardened and repeat criminals on the British
    island of South Georgia.”

    You couldn’t make this up …