by / November 9th, 2011 /

Madonna’s new single demo leak: ‘Give Me All Your Love’

Seemingly inspired by the wonky rat-a-tat-tat of Nicola Roberts marching band and a dash of Toni Basil, Madonna is BACK BACK BACK!

She’s cheering her way back into our hearts after the try-too-hard disaster that was Hard Candy by reclaiming giddy pop thrills from the plump hands of the young ‘uns with this fun, breezy – albeit robotic – ode to getting drunk, having a dance and obviously loving Madonna.

It’s a refreshing chunk of fluff that goes back to her careless Danceteria roots which bodes well for the rest of the album and the best news? There’s not a Justin Timberlake or 50cent insight. Phew!

Hear the demo leak over on Muu Muse.

  • Dawo

    love it omg