by / January 31st, 2011 /

Malkmus won’t write new Pavement material

In an interview with, Pavement‘s Bob Nastanovich has ruled out the chances of the band recording any new material stating that chief-songwriter Stephen Malkmus is not interested – Nastanovich says “… it’s sort of disappointing that it doesn’t seem like a realistic possibility that any new music would be made. At this point, Stephen does not write songs for Pavement anymore, or songs in the Pavement mindset. I think he considers that part of his juvenilia, which is his own prerogative.”

Speaking about last year’s 2010 reunion Bobs said “I know that everybody enjoyed themselves. We managed to make it through most of the year without too many completely uncoordinated, awkward moments. – It’s Pavement. You can’t expect it to be perfect all the time.”

On the plus side it looks like there’ll be more live dates saying, “I wouldn’t expect a full tour, but I’d be hopeful that we would do something”.

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