by / November 16th, 2011 /

Melodica Deathship offer debut album for free

Where clichéd rap violence is full of ‘gritty’ urban samples of Uzis and Glocks, the dense soundscapes on Doom Your Cities… are pierced by clashing pirate blades, cannon fire, crashing waves and squawking seagulls overhead. Amid walls of sound reminiscent of Dalek, Cannibal Ox or, closer to home, Legion of Two, the Deathship pillages elements of sea shanties, Irish folk, drone metal and more, with eerie melodica solos never far away.

That’s how Conor McCaffrey described Melodica Deathship’s debut album Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns which the duo have now released for free on Bandcamp thanks to being left with “only a handful of vinyls” and are nearly finished a followup EP.

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