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Messiah J and the Expert new album for October


Messiah J & the Expert have announced details of their forthcoming third album called From the Word Go which will be released on Inaudible Records in October. It was recorded between Winter 2006 and Spring 2008 by The Expert in their studio, Labbey Road and mastered in London by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering. It is a 47 minute, 12 track album which sees MJEX collaborate with singers Leda Egri, Joanne Daly and Kieran and Ro from Delorentos. Messiah J had this to say of the album: “First off, it has loads of strings and horns on it and it’s pretty catchy. I think people will definitely be surprised with some of the songs. It is ballsier, riskier, less cluttered, simpler and definitely more eclectic than any of our previous records. The lyrics are far less personal than before and I definitely think we covered much new ground thematically and musically. The Expert’s music is extremely varied. It has bits of Indie, reggae, funk, four to the floor dance, psych. and ‘theme-tune-walk-in-the-ring’ type Hip Hop. At this stage, we just can’t wait for you to hear it.”


1 Year Of The Genie
2 Megaphone Man
3 Keep the Noise Down
4 Turn The Magic On (feat. Leda Egri)
5 Tomorrow Is Too Late
6 Jean Is Planning An Escape
7 Guess You Had To Be There
8 Geography (feat. Ro & Kieran from Delorentos)
9 Panic Station
10 Amnesia Comes Easily (feat. Joanne Daly)
11 Looking For A Long Term Thing
12 The Predicament

  • ciaran

    Brilliant!!!!!! I’m absolutely delighted to hear this news. I think that Messiah J & The Expert are one of the most under-rated bands to ever come out of this country. Can’t wait to hear it!

  • AstonishingSodApe

    J’s a legend. Spent the night boogying with the man a while back to Cure and Joy Division tunes. He seemed really excited about the album. Bring it awwwwwwwn…