by / August 21st, 2008 /

Metallica announce super-cheap shows in London and Berlin


Anybody pay €75 for Metallica in Marlay Park last night? Yeh? Then you’re going to be massively pissed at the announcement of two concerts in London and Berlin priced at £5 and €10 respectively. reports that:

A statement from the band explained the reasons for the cheap ticket prices: “Because this is a celebration, tickets prices will be, shall we say, ‘retro?’ Only ten Euros for Berlin, five pounds in London! And the best part is that all the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be donated to local charities.”

The band also stated that tickets, which are limited to two per order, are available to fans registered on the and websites.


Also we read somewhere (that we cannot now find) that Metallica are selling their back catalogue on the now-legit Napster. It’s true. Oh, the irony..

  • Sean D

    Not only were the tickets over priced the pints were also €5.50. Nasty.

  • Anna

    €6 for a Heineken