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Meteor Awards 2010 Nominations

The nominations are out for this years Meteor Awards, to be held at the RDS on February 19th:

Best Radio DJ – National

Ian Dempsey – Today FM
Damien Farrelly – 2FM
Tony Fenton – Today FM
Ray Foley – Today FM
Larry Gogan – 2FM
Dan Hegarty – 2FM

Radio DJ – Regional

Leigh Doyle – BEAT
Jim & Niamh – FM 104
KC & Lenny – Red FM
Michelle McMahon – Spin SW
Jon Richards – Galway Bay FM
Shona Ryan – Spin 1038

Best Irish Band

Bell X1
The Coronas
Snow Patrol

Best Irish Male

Colin Devlin
Jerry Fish
Jack L
Christy Moore

Best Irish Female

Wallis Bird
Julie Feeney
Valerie Francis
Laura Izibor
Dolores O’ Riordan

Best Irish Pop Act

Laura Izibor
The Blizzards
The Script

Best Irish Pop Album

Blue Lights on the Runway – Bell X1
Tony was an Ex-Con – The Coronas
The Duckworth-Lewis Method – The Duckworth-Lewis Method
Up to Now – Snow Patrol
No Line On The Horizon – U2

Best Irish Live Performance

Bell X1
Christy Moore
The Script
Snow Patrol


Best Folk/Traditional

Kathleen Loughnane
Kila with Bruno Coulais
Christy Moore
Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh
Sharon Shannon

Best International Band

Black Eyed Peas
Florence & The Machine
Green Day

Best International Male

Michael Buble
Paolo Nutini
Bruce Springsteen

Best International Female

Lily Allen
Lady Ga Ga
Little Boots
Pixie Lotts
Taylor Swift

Best International Album

Lunatic Asylum – Kasabian
Lungs – Florence & The Machine
Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons
Sunny Side Up – Paolo Nutini
The Fame Monster – Lady Ga Ga

Best International Live

Leonard Cohen
Florence & The Machine
Bruce Springsteen
Take That

This lot HAVE to get something surely….

  • Simon

    Uggghhhhh…..The Coronas

  • The nominations for this yoke are so arbitrary.

    The Irish Male is probably the most embarrassing alright. It seems you get nominated purely by virtue of being eligible. I mean, when was the last time anybody paid attention to anything that Jerry Fish, Jack L or even Mundy did?

    And how come Delorentos, arguably the most underground of the nominees for Best Irish Band, are the only ones who also qualify for Best Irish Pop Act? And yet their live performances nor album get a nod in other categories.

    It’s just a case of filling a few lists without any consideration for meaning or merit.

  • As a matter of interest, does anyone know how these nominations are decided?

  • The fact that Snow Patrol’s ‘Up To Now’ is nominated is farcical. There should be some criteria that excludes compilations and ‘best of’ albums.

    Interesting that the awards are taking place the same weekend Lady Gaga rolls into town. It’d be a major coup for Meteor to snag her.

  • Gavin Murphy

    Oh jeez!

    This ceremony is getting worse every year.

    The Blizzards? The Coronas? Delorentos? and U2 with their last terrible album? just to pick some crap results of these nominations lists.

    Ugh, there are much better bands down there around in Ireland, and those picked are just the shit ones making it in the Irish charts.

    I’m just glad to see Valerie Francis, Bell X1 and Laura Izibor up there in the Irish lists.


  • Patrick Conboy

    I think it’s safe to assume Westlife will pick up the ‘Best Irish Pop Act’… again! The Meteors are uninspired and completely irrelevant.

  • Dylan, all it says is

    As with previous years Irish music fans will be able to decide the winners of nine major categories:

    Best National D.J.
    Best Regional D.J.
    Best Irish Band
    Best Irish Male
    Best Irish Female
    Best Irish Pop Act
    Best Irish Album
    Best Irish Live Performance
    Most Promising New Artist for 2010

    A further nine awards will be decided by votes cast by representatives of the Irish music industry with a total of eighteen awards presented on the night.”

  • Jimmy

    Im really looking forward to these!! I think the lists are brilliant, a great reflection of the irish talent that is out there!! Rock on the 19th

  • Eugene

    What about Irish act EVER27? They’re making serious waves on the Irish music scene!!! I’ve seen them live in Danny Byrnes in Mullingar and the Olympia. Check them out on or youtube them to see what they’re like live. It’s the same old same ever year. Please put a big of new fresh blood into the meteors!

  • han

    i want your love lalalalalala COCK PISS METEOR

  • best int act for me kasabian.. but black eyed peas will get it.. as for int album kasabian…. and best live irish u2.. i cant see them gettin best album though

  • adrian

    who nominates the ‘best’ DJs? Fergal Darcy of I102-104 should definitely be in this category the guy is pure brilliance

  • As an Englishman learning (fast, I hope) about the Irish music scene since moving here a year and a half ago, I’ve gotta say this is a shockingly bad list. Misses out so many more relevant acts than what it includes, it reads more like a long term popularity contest then a reflection of the current scene… or have I just not learnt enough yet?

  • Patrick Conboy

    @Eugene: Ever27 are a nice bunch of lads but they have some way to go before they can be described as “making serious waves on the Irish music scene,” to be honest.

  • @ James;

    Keep headbutting a brick wall and eventually the Meteor’s will make sense

  • John Breen

    Best Album would have to go to the Duckworth Lewis Method if these awards want any credibility.

  • Assuming the Meteors actually had credibility at one point, they lost it a long time ago & is now just a glorified occasion for Z list “celebs” to gather at Krystle.

  • Mir

    Personally i think the winners are already picked and our hard earned money is wasted!
    The entire population of Cork and Mayo voted for KC and Lenny from Red FM there pure proper legends! However 3 dudes from 98 won and no offence i dont no anyone who had heard of them!
    I hope meteor are genuine and those who really deserve to win …win!
    Rant over.

  • Elvis2010

    Why has Snow Patrol’s Best Of album been nominated for Best Irish Album when it’s clearly stated that Best Ofs are excluded from the nomination process??
    Official Nomination Process

    1. To qualify for nomination all artists must have had an album commercially released between 1st November 2008 and 31st November 2009 in Ireland (excluding greatest hits/best of releases etc).

    Two categories are EXEMPT from the above rule:

    “Best Irish Pop Act” – To qualify the nominee must of had an album or single commercially released between 1st November 2008 and 31st November 2009

    “Best Live Performance” – To qualify the nominee must have performed a
    Live concert in Ireland between 1st November 2008 and the 31st November 2009.

    2. Professional members of the Irish Music Industry are invited to be part of the Nomination Panel for the 2010 Meteor Ireland Music Awards. Each professional is invited to take part in the nomination and voting process by suggesting one Act/Person per category. This process is done via weblink

    3. Ballots are tabulated, and the top 5 of nominees in each of the categories are short-listed. In the case where two artists receive the same number of votes both nominations are short-listed giving rise to an extra nominee within category.

    4. The final list of nominees will be announced at an official Industry/media launch. (Thursday 7th January 2010 – Dublin).

  • Patrick Conboy

    @Elvis2010 – Reading those conditions, it’s not clear whether ‘best of’ albums are actually excluded or whether they’re just exempt from the timeframe imposed on other albums. Bit of a grey area…

  • It would be odd if they were just excluded from the timeline, that would mean a 70s compilation is eligible to win this year alongside newer albums… I think Elvis’ idea is probably right. Just my tuppence worth, mind.

  • Well that’s true James. It’s just that the wording sounded a little vague in that regard…

  • Jim Flynn

    These awards are a joke. It’s the same clowns nominated every year.

  • Jim Flynn

    @Jimmy – You obviously work for meteor or are organising the event of something.

  • Meteor awards! meteor… the last bastion of all that is grate(sic) in irish music. Jesus suffering…
    You are a fool, a fool i tell you if you vote. Apparently there’s many the fool year after year who keep on voting in this sham of a ceremony. Listen now fools, stay at home,turn off your phones and learn how to make bread or something! Everybody likes bread. Walk your neighbours dog. Talk to your neighbours dog. See if you get a response. You won’t because you’re a fool but maybe by the time you’re done trying the awards will be over.

  • Tirna

    Why Arent Jls In It ?

  • DC

    will some1 please tell me if lady gaga is playing? it says she is on some website?

  • lauren

    westlife have o win best pop act and pixie lott will win to she has to

  • Go here to see exactly why Westlife dont deserve to win it: – the Meteors are the only award to acknowledge them for years, because they havent done anything for years. Not that they did that much in the first place, apart from look attractive to young girls and sing other people’s songs… Just highlights how ludicrous these awards are really…

  • Elizabeth Murphy

    Where is the most promising newcomers category?

  • john

    hi i think the most promising group for 2010 are VERONA RIOTS i went to see them in whelans and they were very good, they were also at ELECTRIC PICNIC and played brillo

  • Sara

    Ya i heard Lady Gaga was playing too. Can anyone confirm this???

  • Chloe

    Jody Has A Hitlist FTW x

  • nia khan

    i wish westlife wins the best irish pop act award!!!!!!!!pray people……….

  • Patrick Conboy

    Pray to who? Satan?

  • Chloe :)

    C’mon Michael Bublé For Best International Male 😀
    So Sad I Couldn’t Be There 🙁
    I Love You xxx

  • Chloe :)

    Oh And Westlife 😀 I Wish They Win 2 😀

  • Are we linked to an illiterate Westlife fan’s forum or something?

  • Patrick Conboy

    Prbly, bt I nt shore 😉

  • katie

    wtf you on .. the coronas are amazing
    you wouldnt kno good music if it came up and hit yah in the balls
    i dont see you winning a fucking meteor award
    sooo shut ur tits !!

  • Patrick Conboy

    Did anyone here actually say anything about the Coronas?

    In other news, Westlife winning ‘Best Pop Act’ once again goes to show how awful these awards are… there are other acts out there who’ve produced better material in the past 12 months.

  • I think someone has Coronas paranoia.

    As for Westlife winning, I think they might as well just write their name on it in advance. Judging by the constant wins – and lack of even a big hit song in the last few years – (personally I’d think they’re awful either way, but if they had a big hit you could at least make an argument), it clearly has nothing to do with their music.

  • Peyton

    i can never understand how people get so annoyed about boybands and just assume they are not actually liked for anything but their looks. a few months ago westlife actually released a new album that is fantastic and none of the songs are cover versions and and some even written by themselves.
    obviously no matter what they do you will never like their music so you might aswell stop saying things about them that are not true.
    its like me giving out about metallica or whoever being successful … its not the music i like but i accept that others do. no need to get annoyed about it.
    personally i can not think of any current pop acts that are as successful and as good as westlife. nobody will ever force you to like them so dont worry haha 🙂 well deserved award AGAIN in my opinion!

  • Peyton – I think you’ll find that we do write about pop and rather well….

  • Well let’s make it simple for you then, Peyton. Westlife are not a group of friends who got together one day and decided they’d like to make music. Westlife are formed from a group of candidates by a music industry executive wanting to create a marketable product and make lots of money. Their sole purpose is to rake in cash for somebody who probably isnt even a particular fan of music, someone who simply sees it as a trend they can exploit, and Westlife – a group who have average voices and write very little of their own material – are the lucky recipients. Perhaps that shouldnt bother us, but it does, because they have no talent, and their success comes at the cost of other bands in Ireland who work hard and actually deserve it. Do you know how hard it is to write a song? Westlife dont, at least not a good one.

    Read their history, they even altered their line up and style entirely in order to be signed by a guy who could make them money. In other words, Westlife – whose real talent (arguable, to be honest), comes from the songwriters behind the scene who actually write their songs, are nothing, apart from glorified models with average voices. They’re just music industry figureheads representing a cash cow for people who buy into whatever tat the likes of smash hits and record label influenced radio stations feed them. And true talent suffer as a result.

    The Meteor Awards are a joke, so as far as I’m concerned they’re welcome to the award, it’s clearly meaningless anyway (take a look at the nominations in the male category and the ‘best albums’), but to say that they deserve recognition is just laughable. They got far too much of it the day they decided that making money and having someone else produce all your music was more important than the music itself.

  • Peyton

    Well, i do agree with you on some parts James.
    The music industry is all about money making, like every other business.
    I agree that not all of the WL guys are talented but two of them definitely are. Their line up in the beginning was not changed cos of their musical talent but because of their looks and Louis Walsh found that they wouldnt make it if they dont look good. They were all rather talented before but thats just how things sell. The same happened to loads of other bands. And yes actually, three of them are friends that got together and decided to make music.
    It is bad that people with real talent will find it harder and harder to be recognised though. They are being overshadowed by people like Jedward and the likes. But i dont agree with putting Westlife into the same category.
    Record companies simply had to find other ways of making money because CDs dont sell as well as they used to. that doesnt make it right, just makes it business and people wanting to make more and more money.
    Of course the Meteor Awards are a joke, i agree, but in my opinion most award shows are.
    Westlife have a good idea about how to write a song, one example is “talk me down” from the new album. its a great song.
    we will probably never agree on this subject but i do love music (not only westlife). and i do respect your opinion, i like reading what you write and you clearly know a lot about music. have a good day James!

  • Maybe I’m an old (well, not that old :P) romantic in that I genuinely believe that the most talented, music loving bands might not be in it for the money. It’s certainly not an industry you’d go into ever expecting to make money, much like writing in a way. I do it because I love it, and if I make a small pile of cash along the way, great. I don’t expect to, and I think most musicians are the same.

    I’m sure a couple of Westlife members can write songs, and they can obviously sing to a level where they dont embarrass themselves in front of countless fans, so they do have some level of talent, I just look at it next to the likes of Muse (or if you want an Irish example, Jape or Fionn Regan) and it makes me laugh. There will always be a certain amount of industry involved in any major act, of course, I just find it very hard to live with a band that I see being so much about that side of things. Perhaps the reason why – though I find their music equally cringey – I think people like Paolo Nutini or Lady Gaga are that bit more palatable. I see sentences like ‘they changed line ups because of their looks’ (shouldnt be an issue) and ‘they even right some of their own songs’ and wonder how people can hold them up as the most talented Ireland has to offer.

    Anyway, I was probably a bit harsh before, few beers at the Oxegen launch and all that… happy to agree to disagree! Have a good day, too.

  • And as a writer, I probably should be making mistakes like ‘right’ instead of ‘write’. Again, I blame the beer… 😛

  • Patrick Conboy


    “i can not think of any current pop acts that are as successful and as good as westlife.”

    True, there are few – if any – pop acts as successful as Westlife. However.. there are no other Irish pop acts as good as Westlife? Have you even heard Laura Izibor? Her album is unquestionably better than anything Westlife have ever managed to produce. However, because her profile doesn’t yet match Westlife’s – and because her album hasn’t come near matching Westlife’s saleswise, it was (predictably) overlooked.

  • Peyton

    James, enjoy your beers 🙂 I’m grumpily fighting the snow here wahh! Melt!

    Patrick, I agree, Laura Izibor is really good. Maybe one day when Meteor find her influential and well known enough to promote Meteor as a brand she will win the award. Mad what the world is changing into!