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More for Oxegen: Lily Allen, Mars Volta, The Specials

More acts for Oxegen were announced today. Playing in Punchestown from the 10th to the 12th of July will be: Lily Allen, Keane, The Specials, Paulo Nutini, Wallis Bird, Digitalism, The Mars Volta, Swedish House Mafia, Miss Kittin and The Hacker, Crookers and Hockey.

The Specials – A message to you Rudy

Ticket details: registered users will gain exclusive access to a priority pre-sale from Wednesday 25th February 2009. To have qualified for this offer you must have registered at before 6pm on Sunday 22nd February 2009.Tickets will go on general release on Friday 6th March 2009 at 08:00hrs nationwide and are priced at a 2008 price freeze of €224.50 (incl. booking fee) for 3 day including camping ticket. For an extra 20 Euro fans can purchase a 4 day ticket including camping ticket to include Thursday also.

Early Bird Reward: As a special thank you, those who purchased Early Bird tickets before 31st December 08, Oxegen will give each of them €20 cashback on-site at the festival or in advance at point of purchase.

Flexible Payment: The Ticket Deposit Scheme – Open to all fans, you can pay a €120 deposit to secure your ticket and pay the remaining balance before 30th April 2009.

  • Ginger Beardy Man-Child

    The Specials at Oxegen :(, i can see it now,
    Slack-jawed GAA jersey yawkels, bouncing around to A Message To You Rudy, saying ‘sure aint it the song for the An Post ad for fooks sake’!

  • Well that is a point, but surely the chance to witness them in as a close to the original line-up as we’re going to get is good thing?

  • Ginger Beardy Man-Child

    Not saying its not a good thing to have the line-up back, just saying Oxegen? for something alot of people have been anticipating seeing them since it become a possibility, just bites of a bit of a let down surely.

    anyhow great band reformations touring festival circuit, is it all getting a bit much? i do wonder!

    Are sure maybe i am just grumpy c&nt today.

    going home

  • robbie

    Wasn’t planning on going but I might now

    I’d say the Specials will go down really well with ‘Slack-jawed GAA jersey yawkels’ and whoever else may be in attendance (bar a few elitists who detest mass interest in ‘their’ bands)

    Hopefully Lily Allen gets up and does a few numbers with them, that will piss them right off!

  • Ginger Beardy Man-Child

    Not being elitist about it, well hopefully I aint coming across like that, apologies if I am, yesterday was a tiring day and my brain went to mush.

    My main ‘beef’ is the fact that a lot of people who would be into the specials (of people that I know, just me, me mammy and my imaginary friend Chocky) would not be nessacarily the people who would be on for going to oxegen, automatically, compared to say I dunno picnic for instance, unlike the previously mentioned ‘slack-jawed gaa jersey yawkels’ (a tad harsh perhaps and ignorant on my part) for example, who would go for a) the cans, b) the craic and c) the killers.

    But now with The Specials appearance on the bill those people that wouldn’t nessecarily be going anyhow, may be going to it merely for that band. Like you Robbie have indicated. And has been the case for the last two years or so, with acts like Daft Punk and Aphex Twin. Thus they are kinda forced into a situation, that in order to see The Specials live onstage again (which is a great thing don’t get me wrong) they have to go to Oxegen to see this band, its nothing to do with being elitist, I love going to gigs with f*cked up mixture of people and the place going ape-sh*t. Just prefer to see The Specials in a more intimate venue perhaps Vicar Street or something, were the whole evening is seeing this band that many have been massive fans of for years, say growing and never got the chance to see live.

    And actually Lilly Allen on stage wouldn’t be too bad.

    Anyhow, how about this recession huh?

  • I hear ya Beardy, hopefully they will announce one or two shows in a small Dublin venue between now and then (unlikely I know, I think the UK tour is starting soon, if not already)

    On a more positive note, The Beat are doing their annual Dublin gig on March 15th in the Academy.

    Last year I picked up an Oxegen weekend ticket a couple of days before for €100 so in these ressionary times I’m hoping to fork out about €80 for one!

  • ska head

    i had bought my ticket fot the gig in brixton academy before i found out there were playing fxxxxx oxegen.. and i only live 5 miles from punchestown.. b ut not to worry they will be just as good in london as they will be here,,, im just happy they reformed for this,,, seen them in79,, fantastic gig,,, cant wait for brixton,,,,

  • Phil Udell

    After seeing the Specials on Jools on Tuesday I’m really looking forward to this. They looked and sounded great I thought, far better than Yeah Yeah Yeahs anyway.It’s on again tomorrow night.

  • MagnersPear

    The Mars Volta are playing tonight (on the 13th July) at Somerset house. By becoming a fan of the MagnersPear facebook page you will be put in the draw to win tickets. There are 2 VIP tickets and 4 standard ones, so well worth a go! I’m sure theyre gonna be great live