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Faces of 2010 Mixtape

We spent all last week telling you our top fresh Irish bands and artists to watch out for. This week it’s the show part of the “show and tell” where you get to hear all 20 bands for yourselves.

Our Faces of 2010 mixtape will get you acquainted with the best new Irish talent out there right now. Click the artist name to see our blurb on them or click to the song title to listen. A link to the mixtape of all 20 songs is below.

State’s Faces of 2010 Tracklisting

  1. Two Door Cinema ClubI Can Talk (Radio Intro Version)
  2. Sleep Thieves City Lights
  3. Patrick KelleherUntil I Get Paid
  4. Funeral SuitsNow We’re Moving Now we’re Free
  5. JoggingNot Simple
  6. Yes CadetsRufio
  7. We Cut CornersToll Free
  8. Nakatomi TowersCut Me Out
  9. Bitches With WolvesTip of My Tongue
  10. 8BallNone of the Above
  11. Wounds Vectors
  12. HalvesBlood Branches
  13. CatScarsDroid
  14. I Am The CosmosRemembering You
  15. TwinKranesFizz nor Feedback
  16. O EmperorPo
  17. John, Shelly and the CreaturesLong May You Reign
  18. Take the Money and Run Let the Ground Break Through My Head
  19. Carol KeoghInto the Blue
  20. Vengeance and the Panther QueenParty Fight (demo)

ZIP Download: Faces of 2010 mixtape (102 MB)

  • Sterling work, what a great line-up.

  • billy

    that p kelleher track is one of the weakest ones on the album.

  • billy

    would have prefered to hear ‘coat to wear’ or ‘blue eyes’ from his album

  • Billy, if you’re already familiar with it why do you mind?

    Patrick picked that track himself. I quite like it.

  • Tracks, 16, 17 and 19 are great!

  • billy

    I meant its one of the weakest tracks on HIS album, not this comp. Just think a compilation is a good way for people to hear new artists, if the tracks not the strongest they might not bother to check them out. Personally dont like that track, sounds like kinda awkward doo wop and doesnt fit with the rest of the album. An odd choice IMO, and thats all it is, my personal opinion.

  • billy

    loving the catscars, twinkranes and I am the cosmos tracks btw

  • johnny hotpants

    brilliant what your doing here, heard loads of great stuff recently through the site, thank you…
    also really diggin

    dont stop you fu€kers!!

  • Ian

    God, Twinkranes are brilliant, like our own little Velvet Underground.

    Good line up on the whole, Little Green Cars are a little bit of a glaring omission for me but still pretty good. Can’t wait to see O Emperor live, same with Halves.

  • Debs

    Great compilation.. love love LOVE number 18!!

    Also very much likin number 15 and 19!!

  • Jenny

    I agree with Debs.. loving Take the Money and Run! Also really like Two Door Cinema Club…

  • neil

    we cut corners. awesome.

  • Mick

    No Planet Parade!?

  • Vinny

    Excellent Niall, cheers. kelleher is some man,

  • Kessia

    Awesome Mixtape!!!!!!!!