by / January 7th, 2009 /

First listen to track from Dan Deacon’s Bromst

After recently debuting a 15 piece band at a live show in New York, electronic grand wizard Dan Deacon has granted a first listen to material from upcoming album Bromst due on the 24th of March. He has described Bromst as a record with a darker, more thematic and emotional core than his previous bonkers outing Spiderman of the Rings.

It’s pretty hard to tell that from ‘Get Older’, the last track on the album which popped up this week. This is pretty much Dan Deacon’s standard instrumental modus operandi with loads of edifying pounding and travelling synths leading to a vocodered and chord-shifting second half. It’s not a million miles from ‘Crystal Cat’ and leaves us gazing a little bit more lovingly towards March 24th.

Bromst tracklisting

  1. Build Voice
  2. Red F
  3. Paddling Ghost
  4. Snookered
  5. Of the Mountains
  6. Surprise Stefani
  7. Wet Wings
  8. Woof Woof
  9. Slow With Horns / Run for Your Life
  10. Baltihorse
  11. Get Older


  • ..that’s f**king epic.

  • Niall, have you got your mits on the album yet? Got a copy through today and it’s astounding. A substancial leap forward from Spiderman… 64 breathless minutes that’ll give Animal Collective some healthy competition come the end of year reckoning.