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Giveaway: Radiohead @ Malahide Castle

State has a pair of tickets to giveaway to Radiohead‘s show on June 6th in Malahide Castle. Special guests on the night will be Bat for Lashes.

All you have to do is answer the question below in the comments:

Q: What is the name of the State-interviewed band who recently remixed Radiohead’s ‘Nude’?

Winner contacted.

The following night’s show on the 7th of June is sold out but there are still limited tickets are on sale for the 6th @ €70.70 including booking fee.

To get into the mood for the gigs, have a listen to a live version of ‘Videotape’ from Radiohead’s recent gig at the BBC Radio Theatre on April 1.

Radiohead – Videotape – Live At BBC Radio Theatre

  • Eoin

    Is it “Holy Fuck”?

  • Catherine

    That’d be Holy Fuck…

  • holy fuck I’m too late!

  • Brian O’Farrell

    Holf Fuck!!!…thats a deadly competition!!

  • Gillian

    Holy Fuck

  • flynnduism

    the awesome Holy Fuck. their remix is deadly too…

  • robbie

    Is it first in or are ya gettin yer raffle on?

  • I’ll chance my arm and say Holy Fuck. Hope it wasn’t first in.

  • Mocky

    Holy Fuck

  • Soc

    Holy Fuck I reckon

  • Clockwork Rob

    Hmm, was it Holy Fuck?

  • floating

    holy feck, its holy fuck

  • Holy Fuck, there’s no smart comments left for me!

  • gezza

    Holy Fuck

  • Ginger Bearded Man Boy

    Holy Fuck or to make it acceptable for our lord almighty, Holy F*ck?

  • nibbler

    holy fuck

  • C

    Holy Fuck

  • David

    The remix was put together by a band that goes by the name of Holy Fuck. 🙂

  • Chris

    Holy Fuck be the answer

  • wheatln2

    Gosh golly it’s holy fuck

  • Ian Healy

    Its by Holy Fuck

  • Andrew

    Holy Fuck (excuse the French)

  • longshanks

    holy fuck, i’ll be out doing the random violence again till i get those tickets

  • Neil

    It’s Holy Fuck

  • duan

    holy fuck

  • Tony

    Gonna go with…… Holy Fuck!

  • Tycho

    I think that it might have been holy fuck …

  • MDLN

    It’s holy fuck, innit?

    Put us out of our holy fuckin misery – has it been won?

  • Tommy

    its holy fuck probably

  • Colm

    It’s Holy Fuck

  • Definitely Holy Fuck

  • Anthony

    Holy fuck.

  • Holy Fuck

    and the remix is *almost* better than the original!

  • leaveitout

    Holy Fuck. Thank you please.

  • Olga

    Let us not forget AmpLive… Though that’s more of a sample…

  • Prole

    It be holy fuck.

  • conor

    holy fuck 🙂

  • Lucy Jackson

    Holy Fuck – oh so very late

  • Bit late but it was “holy fuck”

  • Caitriona Ormonde

    Holy fuck…not too diff when you can see the answer 40 times eh?

  • Gwen

    Holy Fuck/Holy F*ck

  • thanks for the entries folks, the winner drawn out of a hat is…… being contacted by email right now.. 🙂

  • tomred

    Holy Fuck. Can’t find the second physical copy anywhere,get it sorted…

  • Ryan McQuillan

    Holy Fuck, is the answer, What do I win?

  • paul

    Holy F*ck I can’t think what the answer is? 🙂

  • Dudes, the comp was closed last week. Sorry!