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Ham Sandwich – The Naturist

Ham Sandwich release the first single from their forthcoming album next Friday. Entitled ‘The Naturist’, we just happen to think it’s the best they’ve done by a country mile. Expanding on their original formula with the addition of synths and banjos, it’s also a diamond of a pop song. The band launch the single with a show at Whelan’s on May 15th.

Photo: Killian Broderick

Ham Sandwich – The Naturist by statemagazine

  • neil

    unbeleivable song! It really is the best they’ve ever written!

  • grrrrace

    seriously digging this! truly magnificent.

  • Dools

    great song!

  • The melody in one part rips off Dudley by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • Rachel

    Sure you’ll have that, bits of songs generally do sound similar to other songs ever made up in the world! I think it’s great though. Best they have done i think. Overall thumbs up!

  • Daria

    Really really love it.. Can’t wait to hear more!

  • John

    “Best thing they’re written by a country mile”, Bu*lsh!t! There last album was class. This song is amazing like many songs off there first album.

  • Ya this is class – but I agree with John, Carry The Meek was full of class songs. When is the album coming?

  • Julie

    This new album is way above their first one! This time is really good! A fine piece of music at last!

  • Eoin Sioda

    It’s a good song all right!