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IMRO Showcase Tour – Sugar Club, Dublin

Having gathered itself after a hectic time last week, the IMRO showcase tour 2009 is back in action this Thursday at the Sugar Club in Dublin. Here’s State’s guide to the night’s acts…

The Revellions
The Revellions were forged amidst a haze of frustration and red neon lights in the early days of 2006. Coming from the dark,dank caverns of the Dublin garage underground they juggled about with a lineup and soon met wailing blues singer Ali Moore.The Revellions then lined up into attack formation and unleashed a wave of garage frenzy onto the unsuspecting public They recorded their eponymous debut album at the infamous Cirrco Perrotti studios in Spain,produced by Jorge Explosion (Dr. Explosion) & Mike Mariconda (The Raunch Hands), and released it on Dirty Water Records in late 2008.
MP3: The Revellions – Ain’t It Fool
[audio: No Fool.mp3]

House of Dolls
Formed in April ’08,House Of Dolls are a Dublin City 4 piece with a lust for brain blistering sonic chaos and blissful psychedelic shoegaze. Early shows have seen them share the stage with the likes of THE BROTHERS MOVEMENT, SICKBOY & CHEAP FREAKS as well as a HEINEKEN GREEN SYNERGY show with WHITE LIES and a Crawdaddy support show with THE EIGHTIES MATCHBOX B-LINE DISASTER. Having recently spent time recording tracks in Berlin, expect a release in Summer ’09.
MP3: House of Dolls – How It Ends

Harrows are 5-piece young energetic alternative band from various spots dotted throughout north Dublin. They started back in June 08 and within one month things started to come together really quickly. They made their live debut at Whelans where they won the 2fm battle of the bands Dublin heats.
MP3: Harrows – Leave Again

I Phoenix
I Phoenix are being hailed as one of the best and most innovative new alternative rock bands in Ireland. Originally from Kildare and Meath the three piece consisting of Conor Wilkins on vocals/guitar, Donal Fleming on drums and Kevin Brew on bass have been together since summer 2008. Following a string of successful gigs around the country and with the help of free CD’s available at every show the band now have a wide band of eager fans. I Phoenix are currently writing, rehearsing, recording and perfecting a catalogue of tracks with the aim of a big release by the end of the year. Live shows so far have drawn comparisons from bands as artful as The Cure to others as loud and punchy as Biffy Clyro.
MP3: I Phoenix – Nightsparks
[audio: Phoenix – Nightsparks.mp3]

Doors are at 8pm, tickets €5.