by / October 26th, 2011 /

Listen to a previously-unreleased Death In Vegas remix of The Horrors

Death In Vegas‘ Richard Fearless posted this never released Horrors remix of ‘Sea Within A Sea’ on Soundcloud earlier today with the following message:

“This is from the vaults – a lost Horrors mix that never came out. I remember going to see the Horrors play their first album in New York with Matty from Black Acid. The crowd was a lame NYC crowd of musos, not the cool loft party scene that they should have been playing to. Anyway the gig was fucking amazing, their attitude was cool as fuck. At one point Faris crowd ‘walked’ over to the bar, grabbed a huge bottle of Jack Daniels and crowd walked back (think Iggy ‘peanut butter stance.’) He then took one swig of the bottle and threw it into the crowd. The audience were so shocked and I remember feeling a mixture of emotions: really proud to be from England and then also feeling really old and envious of being young and in a rock n roll band, ha ha.

But yeah a smashing bunch of guys who really believe in what they’re doing and I wish there were more bands like that around!”

The Horrors [Lost Richard Fearless Mix] by Death In Vegas