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Mixtape download: State’s New Faces for 2009

While we were producing issue 10 of State, we asked the bands featured to give us an MP3 to us so we could put our money where our mouths are. So here for your enjoyment is a 13 track compilation from some of the best new Irish bands and artists (as single listening or in a ZIP) which we expect to be making a good noise in 2009.

The issue is embedded below (click to enlarge) so you can read and listen at the same time. Hah – the magic of multimedia!

State’s New Faces for 2009 – Tracklisting

01. Cap Pas CapWe Are Men (Thatboytim remix)
02. Prince KongAngsta
03. BatsThese Ones Lay Eggs
04. Adebisi ShankShunk
05. Grand Pocket OrchestraBallet Shoes
06. HeathersRemember When?
07. The Ambience AffairVacant Hearts
08. Panama KingsSkeleton Key
09. The ParksRipe for the Night
10. Fighting with WireEveryone Needs a Nemesis
11. Katie KimSomething Growing
12. Kill Krinkle ClubLakes
13. Mail Order MessiahsCaffeine

Download as a 37 MB ZIP file.

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  • Nay

    Really nifty selection of songs 🙂

  • Excellent! I’ve been guilty of neglecting newer bands the past while..

  • Didn’t you already used Remember When in the Summer CD? Can’t really argue with it I suppose..