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MP3: Captain Moonlight – What’s it Worth?

Captain Moonlight

From the forthcoming 3rd album from Kilkenny’s Captain Moonlight (surely entitled Agroculture part 3??) comes this new single released tomorrow on

On two previous albums, we have found Moonlight to be the hip-hop brother of Jinx Lennon as both approach modern society with the same no bullshit tactic. For proof, you may have heard his tribute to Bertie and his friends. If you pick up issue two of State, you will also get Captain Moonlight’s take on Scary Éire’s Barnstormers gig in 1992.

‘What’s it Worth?’ concerns modern living and personal choice and as Moonlight fans will expect it’s a thumper.

Captain Moonlight – What’s it Worth?

  • Barry

    Great tune as usual!

  • bleep

    great stuff. moonlight deserves way more exposure than he gets. looking forward to catching more of his shows

  • Forgot to mention, he’s supporting The Infomatics tonight in the Sugar Club

  • for those that are interested.Captain Moonlight new single,”whats it worth” available for download only at music 997 to 57501,receive passwrd and go to website.remember space between music and 997.also can be purchased by those with credit cards and stuff