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MP3: Fight Like Apes – ‘Something Global’ (stream)


Apes got a new face…Apes got a new face.

Whatever happened to Fight Like Apes? One minute they were everywhere, the next, there they were gone. The answer of course is that they were doing exactly the right thing, not only starting work on a debut album but removing themselves from the hype that had starting to build inexorably around them.

Six months later, and they’re ready to present the first fruits of their labour. In truth, ‘Something Global’ doesn’t mess massively with the blueprint but the subtle changes are hugely important. It sounds great for a start, balancing their quirky edge with an undoubted pop sensibility, the core conflict that has been at the heart of their music from the very start. Thankfully, and unlike the last EP, it is the approachable, melodic side that wins out here – manifesting itself in a song that rages against the disposable world of pop music by creating a tune so catchy, so universal that you wonder how this can possibly fail to propel them to a whole new level. Whatever happened to Fight Like Apes? They just became serious contenders, that’s what happened to Fight Like Apes.


  • dig this

  • Johnnie Craig


  • markg

    Phew! I thought this was another story about another Irish band I like going to the wall.

  • Got to say, I’m not gone on this – though I really enjoyed all the previously released tracks, and FLA’s are doubtless the best Irish live act by a mile.

  • Not really feeling this one. Love their 2 EPs though.

  • Dodger

    Pure Pop For Ape People! Sounds smashing on the radio.

  • Wow. Really like this!