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MP3: Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

Fleet Foxes

One of Issue 03’s They Might Be Giants are Seattle five-piece Fleet Foxes whose Sun Giant EP has slayed the State staff into submission with its charm.

That’s no easy feat when your band is peddling “baroque harmonic pop” but there is so much glee evident in their songs that they are a hard propostion to resist.

With a brevity that belies its depth, ‘Water Winter Hymnal’ is a singular nugget of opening harmonies seguing into a soaring, circling and spacious song. It radiates comfort, assurance and leaves us gagging for the self-titled album on June 3rd.

The band will play Whelans on June 14th alongside fellow Bella Unioners Beach House.

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal


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  • jae

    lads, just a heads up here… should it not be White Winter Hymnal and not Water Winter Hymnal.

  • yeh that title has been eluding me all morning.

    Class song though eh? 😉

  • Very nice – reminds me of the Shins

  • I love that song.

  • excellent stuff, like them mucho.