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MP3: Foals & Holy Fuck covers

UK’s premiere angular indie band Foals are touring the UK right now with Canada’s premiere live instrumental electronic band Holy Fuck and to celebrate the two bands have covered each others songs.

Foals tackled ‘Super Inuit’ turning the song into something more akin to the sessions they did with Kieran Hebden – repetitious, rhythmic and long. It becomes indistinguishable from the original by the end. Meanwhile, Holy Fuck sample then reduce the tempo of ‘Balloons’ until it becomes blissed out and slow motion version of itself.

Both covers are more exercises (“Let’s see what will happen if”) but it’s interesting to see how each band appropriates the sound of the other into their core setup.

Foals – Super Inuit


Holy Fuck – Balloons

[audio: Fuck.mp3]

From the Young Turks website.

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  • Daniel

    Why did you even bother to create your own shitty quality MP3 when Young Turks kindly offered the superior aif file for download from their site?? It almost makes it look as if you have something to do with it…