by / July 29th, 2008 /

MP3: Kings of Leon – ‘Crawl’


This year’s big festival headliners Kings of Leon are offering a taster of their forthcoming new album titled Only By The Night which is out on 23rd September. The song is called ‘Crawl’ and can be downloaded here for a dirty email exchange.

‘Crawl’ is a simple recording with the instruments in widescreen, made for the stadium. So much so it sounds like a live version. It is underlined by some fuzzy bass, funky guitar riffs and Jared singing “You better crawl before I walk away“. Harsh dude. There’s a youtubular version below.

This is a trailer teaser for the album. Interesting to note that the song which soundtracks the video apes Whitney Huston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ in the vocal inflections on the word “Somebody”.


  • “Crawl” sounds dangerously like any number of U2 tracks from the late 80’s / early 90’s. Crossed with a bad Oasis demo.

  • Dave

    Also sounds like new coldplay stuff.

  • I like it…

  • Lucy

    It does not sound like Coldplay. Coldplay only wished they sounded half this good…

  • Lucy I agree it doesn’t sound like Coldplay but it sounds like a badly produced, pale imitation of the Kings of Leon. They’re capable of much better dontchyathink?

  • New song – Sex on fire here