by / August 27th, 2008 /

MP3: The Peth – ‘Let’s Go F**king Mental’

The jury is still out on whether The Peth are some sort of musical vanity project for actor Rhys Ifans, an excuse to get pissed with his Welsh mates if you will. There’s also a distinct possibility that SFA drummer Daffyd is the main man here and Ifans is just along for the ride with a band of likeminded eccentrics. On the evidence of ‘Let’s Go F**king Mental’, State is hoping it’s the latter.

Coming on like a Fuzzy Logic era Super Furries number (which is fitting as Ifans was the singer before Gruff arrived), this song is three minutes of rock-pop pleasure with a mischievous sheen and a beer in hand.

We’ll make a final judgement when their album The Golden Mile hits in September. The Guardian interviewed Ifans and the band last week.

The Peth – Let’s Go F**king Mental


There’s a rather strange video for this also, directed by Jake Chapman.