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New: Coldplay – Violet Hill


Following the announcement that the new Coldplay single ‘Violet Hill’ will be available from for free download as of today, their website has crashed intermittently with all the interest. They have uploaded the song to their Myspace however.

The track starts with some ambient Eno synth which is interrupted by Martin and piano talking about “white snow in December” until some rather raucous guitar (well, for Coldplay) chimes in. It’s got a driving rhythm and a bluesy guitar not too far removed from something Noel Gallagher would come up with. The track doesn’t really give away any hint of any new direction as Martin hinted in previous months but it does feel like the song has an Eno stamp on it however.

Go download from (Registration required)

or Listen at Myspace.

Then come back and tell us what you think.

Also, have you seen the Viva la Vida or Death to All His Friends album artwork? Here’s the story behind it.

  • Akira

    {crying} I was waiting the whole day to register and download. I got the message “email sent to you” but none appeared in my mailbox. Thank you for the MySpace info. I’ll go and check there. {crying continued}

  • Arthur Lim Bim Bus Stop Fatang Fatang

    I like it. Lord knows where Violet Hill is though. They should have included road directions or a google map or something.

  • Rockoni
  • Rockoni

    I meant to say…

  • David

    I’m slightly undecided, it’s good, but I don’t have a concrete opinion yet. At least I know it’s better then something like Speed of Sound or the Hardest Part anyway…

  • Quint

    It’s absolutely fucking dreadful. Underwhelming, plodding and downright dreary. I’m shocked at how bad it is.

  • Bryan

    Initial review nailed it – this is quite Noel Gallagher-ish. That being said, I’m a fan of Noel so naturally I like this song. I’ve always been a casual Coldplay fan too but this sounds like they’re changing it up nicely. It’s a foot-stomper.

    And buddy, “plodding” is done on purpose here. I love it but can still acknowledge it’s mediocre at worst – certainly not “dreadful”, “dreary” or “bad”.

  • Phil

    Heard the album last week. ‘Violet Hill’ is the worst track on it. The rest is really interesting and not what you might expect. Have a look out for the review in the next issue of State, out June 5th.