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State Mix #1: Nouveaunoise

The inaugural mix in what we intend will be a long-running series for State, where we ask artists to submit exclusive mixes for download. It can be anything from an original set of tunes to a more DJ-orientated blend.

The honour for our first mix falls to Dublin electronic duo Nouveaunoise, who are producing some of the most intricate, organic electronica coming out of Ireland at the moment. Four Tet is a big influence on Conor Gaffney and Nile Conway yet the twosome have the added skill of competence in musical instruments to colour their arrangements with.

The mix is entitled Fuaim Nua, the Irish equivalent of their moniker and clocks in at a short but sweet 16 minutes. It was all recorded live in their studio too as they explained to us: “We used 3 push button samplers with real-time effects loaded with our own recorded sounds, usually an acoustic instrument but fucked beyond recognition. We used our reel-to-reel tape with synths recorded on it and had that cued up. A toy synth and an old Roland, we used CoolEdit as another sampler (you can assign the keys to play different samples) and live vocals through a mic through one of the samplers.”

“It was hard to get it all down live, as in having enough hands to do everything, so it took a lot of preparing, and we took maybe 40 hours learning it before we got it right.”

The mix is divided into three distinct parts made up of original Nouveaunoise tracks.

Part 1: Flamenco Hop into Ceirniní
Part 2: Cinnte into Avant Disco
Part 3: Supposed Something Jam

Look out for an album from the duo some time this year.

State Mix #1: Nouveaunoise Fuaim Nua


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Video: Live – Live Part 1 | Live Part 2

  • gary

    Oh no, V-E-R-N.Broken link when I try to download the mix.

  • gary

    but apart from that, the site looks good – hope it works out well

  • Fixed now

  • Nialler. This kicks. Love it.
    Great job on the site too.

  • Mike

    Go on the fookin noise
    cinnte is bloody amaaaaazin

  • shorty clan

    great stuff! love the mandola….. it soundz great!

  • Sure it’s funcky.
    Long live State magazine!
    Website is spot on too, fair play.

  • Gav

    Definitely ones to watch this year.
    Spellbinding supporting some geezer in Kennedy’s-they were that good I can’t even remember the guy’s name!
    This is one of the better live mixes I’ve heard.
    Keep up the good work Nialler.

  • Mr J

    That Propeller remix is top notch too 🙂

    Mr J