by / August 6th, 2008 /

Muse and The Streets collaboration leaked

A collaboration between Muse and The Streets has leaked on the net this week. The track ‘Who Knows Who’ has a definite Rage Against the Machine sound with Mike Skinner rapping over it. Whether that appeals to you depends on your disposition. Matt Bellamy of Muse has recently said he wanted to create the English RATM with Skinner but in our opinion it sounds too close to a carbon copy, albeit an impressively riffed one.

Whatcha think?

  • AstonishingSodApe


  • Ronan

    Beastie Boys will be rolling over in their graves

  • Why? They ain’t dead yet 😉

  • Riff is basically Led Zeppelin’s ‘Heartbreaker.’ In other words, yes, a carbon copy of RATM.

  • Dav

    You people make me laugh so much. You´ll happily buy generic sounding crap Brit pop poop but as soon as something half interesting comes up (especially when it´s something done by Mike Skinner) you want to bash it about. Get over yourselves and if you can´t do better then shut up! Oh, and if someone replies with “i could do better” then please post us all a link to your youtube video or myspace page so we can judge for ourselves.

  • I give up, Dav. You caught me out. I’m just wondering – how did you find out about all the generic sounding Brit pop I’ve been buying?


    I’m a gigantic fan, I have every available Muse song, from rare b-sides such as ‘Spiral Static’ and ‘Do We Need This’ to the Newton abbot demo songs ‘Rain’ Etc, on my walkman.

    I’m also a RATM fan.

    I’ve read that this is going to be one of the B-sides to ‘Uprising’

    Although I’m loving the riffage in this song, I’m really not keen on Mike Skinner, so this is a bit of a let down for me, as Muse B-sides are normally FANTASTIC (Fury, Eternally Missed, The Groove, if your a Muse fan, check them out people!)