by / July 23rd, 2008 /

Muzu TV launched

Muzu TV

Muzu TV opened its doors to the public last week and State has been poking around the site and is impressed with what we see. MUZU allows anyone – record labels, bands, singer-songwriters, fans we said ANYONE to setup their own music TV channel for free. You can watch gig footage, music videos, interviews, behind the scenes footage and documentaries.

The difference between MUZU and Youtube is that MUZU allows the artist to get a share of the advertising revenue when videos are played through their video player. Fans can currently access over 3,000 artist channels on MUZU TV including major label acts like The Ting Tings, MGMT, Beyonce and up and coming artists like Robotnik and Delorentos.

We were so impressed we setup our own. Check out State’s channel at