by / January 18th, 2011 /

Neil Hannon, Jape and Cathy Davey to perform Vampire Weekend’s debut

A odd intriguing live event has been chosen to kick off The JD Set 2011 which is no longer a battle of the bands competition. The new JD Set will see Irish artists collaborate with others and performing their favourite albums in a live setting.

To kick things off, Neil Hannon will be joined by Jape and Cathy Davey to perform Vampire Weekend’s eponymous debut on April 1st in the Button Factory. Hannon said of the gig:

” The reason I’ve chosen it is because stylistically, it’s an ingenious marriage of indie pop, African rhythm and classical harmony. Musically, it’s a collection of beautifully honed melodies and taut, perfectly structured chord progressions. Lyrically it’s all witty, occasionally barbed snap-shots of Ivy League colleges and Long Island lawns, regularly veering off on idiosyncratic tangents. But mostly it’s because it kicks ass and makes me happy!”

Tickets are free but will be available via registration from 1st of February from