by / November 24th, 2011 /

New AIR album inspired by early French film features Beach House & Au Revoir Simone

AIR have announced that the followup album to Love 2 from 2009 will be called Le Voyage Dans La Lune and it will be released on February 3rd (6th UK / 7th US).

The album which will be their seventh and which translates to The Voyage to the Moon was inspired Georges Méliès’ 1902 16-minute French film of the same name which was one of the earliest science fiction films. The film was loosely based on Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon and H. G. Wells The First Men In The Moon.

AIR’s Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel were originally asked to compose a modern soundtrack for it which debuted at Cannes this year. That success prompted them to work on a full album inspired by the film. Vocalists include Au Revoir Simone and Victoria Legrand of Beach House.

“’A Trip to the Moon’ is undoubtedly more organic than most of our past projects,” Godin explains. “We wanted it to sound ‘handmade,’ knocked together’, a bit like Méliès’ special effects. Everything is played live … like Méliès’ film, our soundtrack is nourished by living art.”

The album will be released with a limited edition version of the restored original film with AIR’s score on DVD.


1. Astronomic Club
2. Seven Stars
3. Retour sur terre
4. Parade
5. Moon Fever
6. Sonic Armada
7. Who Am I Know?
8. Décollage
9. Cosmic Trip
10. Homme lune
11. Lava