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New Bloc Party album Intimacy gets surprise release this Thursday


Bloc Party made the surprise announcement today that their third album titled Intimacy will be released on Thursday (August 21) via their website. The band let the cat out of the bag during their only interview this year in a fan webchat on

The band are offering the choice of paying either £5 for a high-quality mp3 bundle (to be delivered on August 21), £8 for a CD (to be delivered on October 27), or £10 for a combined order of both CD and mp3 bundle. The CD release of ‘Intimacy’ will include additional tracks unavailable on the mp3 bundle release. It can be pre-ordered here.

Intimacy was recorded in two separate sessions with both Paul Epworth and Jacknife Lee.


01 Ares
02 Mercury
03 Halo
04 Biko
05 Trojan Horse
06 Signs
07 One Month Off
08 Zephyrus
09 Better Than Heaven
10 Ion Square

Bloc Party – ‘Mercury’

  • Phil

    This is all getting a bit mad.

  • didn’t see this coming… yet

  • Hopefully it’ll be a return to form, wasn’t crazy on A Weekend in the City at all, far less engaging that the debut. Mercury is a damn good start though.

  • Wasn’t mad on Weekend in the City myself at first, but it really grew on me.

    It’s one of the few occasions where I can sit there just listening to the production all the way through and still be terribly entertained. Jacknife Lee is a genius!

  • Strange that Kele stopped badmouthing Radiohead in the months leading up to their “surprise release” of their latest album in a digital pre-release! Jeez. The last Bloc Party album was mostly crap and it looks like he still hasn’t quite managed to make his vocal lines less grating. Let’s hope this a vast improvement. At least Mercury is good enough from 3:10 onwards.

  • Ken

    everything they have done so far has been fantastic including the “flux” single… however the jury is still out on the new Mercury single…

  • New song Trojan Horse on myspace

  • Now that’s MUCH more like it! That riff towards the end, over those beats – wicked. Hope springs eternal. More of this “Trojan Horse” stuff please Bloc Party.