by / March 2nd, 2010 /

New Foals video ‘Spanish Sahara’ / Dublin gig

NME debuted the first video from Foals‘ second album Total Life Forever (due in May) and it’s an odd, slow-burning number with no distinctive comparison to the Andidotes-era Foals. At all.

Meanwhile, the band play The Academy on May 14th as part of Heineken Green Spheres so watch out for ticket info here soon.

You can get a free remix of the track from their site.

  • Pete

    I really really really like this!! I knew Foals would do something different!!

  • very excited to see what these guys will do for the next one, this is not what I expected but it’s pretty cool!

    It kinda feels like a sibbling song/video to the new Liars one ‘Scissors’, like both bands have been sitting around watching The Road on repeat together

  • Ronan

    Absolutely love this!